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National Federation of Builders Members

Member companies have to satisfy what the NFB
believes to be the most stringent entrance criteria for any building trade association. Companies must provide references from accountants, previous clients, suppliers and professionals such as architects and surveyors.

All references are followed up and, if satisfactory, applications are then put before a panel of existing members, who are local to the potential new member, for assessment.

All member companies must be VAT registered (if applicable) and CITB registered. 

Only if the panel is satisfied with the company's technical competence, health and safety standards and financial probity is the company admitted into membership. The Federation also requires member companies to adhere to a stringent Code of Conduct governing their relationship with clients.

The NFB also encourages its members to use a straight forward, plain English contract when undertaking projects for homeowners and occupiers e.g. the JCTís minor works contract, which sets down in writing whatís expected of them and the commissioning owner, such as payment terms and agreements. This helps avoid any potential disputes.  


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