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Why DIY when you can GMI?

DIY - Do It Yourself

GMI - Get Men In

The phrase Do It Yourself began to be widely used in the 1950s when referring to various jobs that people could do on their own homes without the help of professionals.  In other words, home improvement done by the householder without the aid of paid professionals.  There can be many drawbacks to DIY not least of which are: Poor quality of work. Very long timescales for completion.  Jobs which are never finished.  Dangerous work especially that involving electricity.  Possible injury and occasionally, marriage breakdown.  For these reasons many householders are turning to GMI.

Get Men In is a relatively new term which refers to the practice of employing professionals to carry out repairs and improvements in preference to DIY.  Obviously this involves additional cost but there are many benefits including:  Upfront knowledge of the total cost.  A high standard of workmanship.  Jobs completed quickly.  Work carried out to relevant standards and regulations and additional leisure time for the homeowner.

Established 1959 - Our reputation is your guarantee of reliability.


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